Full day lease / Private tour: Premantura - Cape Kamenjak - Porer - Medulin Bay - island Ceja - island Levan - Ližnjan

From Ribarska Koliba we pass by the three islands: Fratarski Island, Little and Big Frašker, before we go to the open sea we see the panorama of Banjole. As we navigate along the coast we see wild nature and protected landscape, passing along the red cliffs dropping into the sea. We arive in Bay of Premantura, all the way to the southernmost point of Istria – Cape Kamenjak and Porer lighthouse.
Kamenjak is the protected natural landscape – at the end of Premantura peninsula 10 km long, full of bays, coves and capes.

The most interesting is the very end of the peninsula where Safari bar is located. Cliffs are high up to 10 meters and are an excellent choice for both adventurers and for those looking for peace and relaxation. We pass and stop on the Cave of Kamenjak, natural rocks and jumping area, very attractive cave. You can go into the cave, swimming inside in light and climbing from inside, feeding fishes from the boat.

The Porer lighthouse was originally built in 1833 a wooden structure, and after suffering a fire, re-built the 1846 as a 35m high stone structure. As part of the lighthouse, there are two apartments for tourists.Lighthouse is last land in Istria on the sea.
On our tour we will stop on the places you choose to stop, you can jumping, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathe, exploring the beauty of the sea and nature.

Medulin archipelag has several beautiful islands, one of them is Ceja with its nice narure and where is a good restaurant. All our guests are very satisfied with a lunch, and acceptible prices.  You can get a braek, swimm, You can walk arround. 

Close is island of Levan.with a part of sandy beach and interesting coctail bar, and restaurant, too.

Ližnjan and its wildness, is very close, crystal clear water and a lot of sea space for snorkeling and relax.

A good time will not be missed. Depand of the type of guests we can bring some things to take more fun, it is always surprise.

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